Saturday 30th June 2018

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Safety Instructions

 Please click here to see the attached maps for details of the circulation pattern.

These safety instructions provide important information that should be studied carefully by any persons taking part in or concerned with the running of the regatta.

Richmond Regatta will be run according to the British Rowing's Rules of Racing, the Port of London Authority (PLA) Rowing Code of Practice and the British Rowing Row Safe.

While Richmond Regatta will make every reasonable effort to provide a safe environment, competitors and coaches are reminded that persons competing do so entirely at their own risk and are solely responsible for:

  • Their own safety.
  •  Have a duty of care to other river users and the public at large.
  •  Ensuring that their boats are safe and go afloat to the standards required by the British Rowing Row Safe, the PLA Rowing Code of  Practice and the British Rowing Rules of Racing.
  • The strict observance of the circulation pattern (see below) and Row Safe.
  • Deciding whether or not they are competent to compete in the prevailing weather conditions.
  • Junior competitors are required to have a responsible adult acting in loco parentis


  • If boating from anywhere other than the designated boating area at River Lane, care should be taken, as the committee cannot accept responsibility for the condition or safety of the river bank.
  • Crews must take care when crossing the course, either, when going afloat or when returning to the boating area following a race. Coxes and steersmen of crews must follow instructions from the land and water based marshals provided the safety of the crew is not compromised.
  • Crews making their way upstream from the finish area must ensure that they pass to the Middlesex (north) side of Glover's Island, as the navigation channel to the Surrey (south) side, is narrow and impinged by overhanging trees at high tide.
  • Because the river between Richmond and Teddington locks is semi-tidal, the boating and landing circulation patterns may be changed during the day to accommodate a safe change from ebb stream to flood tide conditions. Competitors must familiarise themselves with both circulation patterns and follow the instructions of the land and water based marshals who will inform them when the pattern changes.
  • Crews marshalling below the finish, should not stop to turn while upstream of and close to Richmond Bridge ~ if necessary, row through the bridge using the central arch before returning. Crews doing so should remain vigilant to other river traffic, especially cruisers and hire boats.
  • Crews must turn onto the start at the instruction of the start marshals, if there is a strong stream crews should take particular care not to marshal close to the start as they may risk getting swept onto the stakeboats.
  • Crews marshalling beside Eel Pie Island and beyond must take care to avoid any crews turning out of the top of Eel Pie Island into the main channel.
  • Hammertons Ferry has right of way over rowing boats. Umpires are requested to ensure that they do NOT start races whilst the ferry is crossing the river. Non racing crews should proceed with caution in the navigation channel.

Clubs and competitors are reminded that they must:

  • Only do practice starts above Eel Pie Island or below the finish
  • Not do pieces either in the marshalling lane alongside the course or alongside Eel Pie Island
  • Supervise juniors with a high degree of vigilance and anticipation.
  • Ensure that all roadways and access routes are kept clear at all times and that no cars or trailers should be left in River Lane.
  • Report all accidents to a regatta official.

Medical Support

First Aid will be available at River Lane and the Regatta Enclosure throughout the day.

Please click here to see the attached maps for details of the circulation pattern.

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