Saturday 24h June 2018


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Regatta Rules & Instructions                                                                                                                                     


Races will be rowed under the British Rowing Rules of Racing, the Port of London Authority (PLA) Rowing Code of Practice and the British Rowing Row Safe.

All rowing boats must be marked with a unique six digit British Rowing boat ID.

Competitors are responsible for their own safety both ashore and afloat, which is of overriding importance at all times.

Any queries relating to the draw should be telephoned to Mr J Coke-Smyth on 07812 727744. The draw and timetable plus up to date amendments will be posted on the website


All crews must present their British Rowing Registration Cards for checking at Race Control prior to collecting their Race Number.

All winning competitors must present their British Rowing Registration Card to Race Control for updating and the issuing of a prize certificate.

Prizes will be presented after each final in the Regatta Enclosure on production of a prize certificate. Prizes will be withheld from any crew or sculler who cannot produce all their documents.

All Challenge Cups are and shall remain the property of the Regatta Committee. No Challenge Cups will be allowed to be taken away from the Regatta. For special occasions these may be obtained on application after giving suitable guarantees.


Prior to racing all crews must collect their crew number from Race Control, located iat the end of River Lane adjacent to the boating area.  The number must be pinned on the back of the bowman or sculler.

Competitors who have not paid their Entry Fees will not be issued with their crew numbers and will not be permitted to race. A 5.00 surcharge per crew or sculler will be levied on all late payments received after Sunday 23rd June.

Prior to racing coxswains must weigh in at Race Control. The issued certificate will detail the weight and type of dead weight. Coxswains must be able to produce their certificate if asked for by an official. Coxswains must provide their own dead-weight where necessary.


Crews boating from places other than River Lane must make it their responsibility to keep in contact with Race Control at all times in case of any changes to the programme.

The Race Committee reserves the right to alter the programme and/or the course according to circumstances. In all cases of dispute their decision is final.

Two boats to start for each event or the Presentation Prize will be withheld. If all entries except one withdraw from an event, the remaining crew will not row over and no prize will be awarded. The entry fee of the remaining crew will be refunded in full.


The two sheets attached to the safety instructions show the course, circulation pattern and navigation rules, for both the ebb stream and flood tide.  It is expected that the flood tide navigation rules will not be needed.

The course runs from opposite Orleans Gardens to Buccleuch Gardens.

Crews must be in the marshalling area five minutes before start time. Races will be started without reference to absentees.

The Middlesex side of the course will be buoyed from the start to the finish. The Surrey side will be buoyed from the corner upstream of Buccleuch gardens through to the finish. See the circulation maps.

All boats must keep to their station and may be disqualified at the discretion of the umpire if they leave their station, or go outside the buoys on the Middlesex station.

Stations count from the Surrey shore.

There will be a stagger at the start and finish in favour of the Surrey station.

A hooter will be sounded at the end of each race.


Although the course is buoyed, the river is NOT closed for this event and the normal rules for navigation on the river apply. You do not have automatic right of way or priority.

Crews must give way to the ferry and give consideration to other river users. Crews must obey instructions from the land and water-based marshals at all times.

All boats going upstream to the start must keep to the Middlesex side of the navigation channel and will be marshalled above the start in the area adjacent to Eel Pie Island.

When returning from the finish, crews must keep to the Middlesex side of Glovers Island and cross the course to boating area at River Lane drawdock. Non racing crews must give way to crews racing.

Crews should make themselves aware of the circulation patterns for both ebb stream and flood tide. A marshal will inform crews when the circulation pattern changes.

A launch-based marshal will be situated in the area upstream of Glovers Island and a bank-based marshal will be situated on the Surrey Bank near Race Control to advise crews when it is safe to cross the course.


Two safety boats with radios and first aid facilities will be afloat, one at the downstream end of Eel Pie Island the other near the finish. 

Paramedics with first aid facilities will be available at River Lane.

Competitors may change in the Scout Hut to the right of River Lane looking from the river.

Toilet facilities are available at the entrance to the Regatta Enclosure, as well as the Scout Hut.

Refreshments will be served all day in the Enclosure.


Parking of vehicles or trailers in River Lane will not be allowed.

Competitors' cars should park at the end of Ham Street in the free car park.

Cars with boat trailers and small boats will be allowed to park along the towpath but you must be aware that this area has restricted access and is liable to flooding at high tide. Parking here is entirely at owner' s risk.

Buses and coaches should not use River Lane as there is no suitable place to turn.

Boat trailers may be left on the Friday night in the car park of The Royal British Legion Poppy Factory at 20 Petersham Road, Richmond.  This will be locked from 11:00 p.m. on Friday night until 7:00 a.m. on Saturday. The car park is not guarded and parking here is entirely at owner's risk. It will be necessary to move the trailer to the boating area at River Lane on Saturday. No boating is possible from the Poppy Factory car park. Any boat trailers left overnight in River Lane must be removed by 8:00 am.

Competitors are advised not to boat from the slipway at Ham car park as submerged rocks and mud make this hazardous.

All boats, equipment and vehicles brought to the Regatta are entirely at the owners' risk.

Competitors' boats and equipment may be stored on Petersham Meadow during the regatta, boats may be stored on the towpath, but please be considerate to other users of the towpath.

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